N. Slijkerman

Technical University Delft,

Architecture faculty

Welcome to my website, this is where i post my personal experiance as a young architect.

Working and living in an Asian metropolis


On my first encounter with shanghai I new I wasn’t done jet. Such a beautiful mess, a truly bustling metropolis with over 24 million inhabitants. A place where Asian and western cultures have been influencing the public space for centuries. A place where I can start to understand the Chinese culture and from where I can explore many other destinations.


As Shanghai being the financial center of China it is a great place to find work as a young architect. DC-Alliance a fast expending Chinese architecture firm gave me a position as architect at their foreign design team. After nine months i realized i needed to work with a more western team, i decided to move to a foreign company. HPP Hentrich - Petschnigg & Partner GmbH + Co. KG offered me a position as architect at their Shanghai office.


On the move


The mind has to travel, especially the mind of an architect. After two and a half year studying it is time to gain experience. Not just in the direct sense of practical work but especially to gain a broader view of the world. Their fore my girlfriend and I have started a trip from a little place called Nijkerk in the Netherlands all the way to China. What makes this trip so special to me is the means of travel.


From the Netherlands we flew to St. Petersburg to take the trans Siberian express to China, during the train trip we planned several stops to visit big and small cities in Russia. Cities as Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Baikalsk from where we traveled to the Chinese boarder at Manzhouli. And there we continued our train express to Harbin, Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai. A wonderful experience which is already influencing my view on Architecture in so many ways.



On the second of February 2013 I successfully completed the final examination of the master’s program in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. My research and design work focused on activating the public domain of Rotterdam’s inner city. Creating a hybrid building that aims to stimulate the creation and exchange of knowledge. The hybrid building houses commercial, public and residential spaces. Its residential domain has been designed to attract the creative class in the manner of the Soho spirit (small office home office).

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